Saudi Ministry of Tourism Offers UNWTO Delegates Personalized NFTs During 116th Council

All delegates attending the 116th Executive Council of the United Nations World Tourism Organization in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will be granted personalized NFTs by the Ministry of Tourism.

Each and every delegate will receive a box containing a physical ledger that they can use as a wallet and a key to access their personalized NFTs, which will portray unique sites and treasures of the Kingdom’s cities and regions.

In fact, the Ministry came up with this project to show the delegates how the Kingdom has been enhancing digital tourism, in hopes of combining both, the physical world and the Metaverse one, while showing the development of tourism in the country and what it will turn into.

According to Arab News, Digital Transformation General Manager at the Ministry of Tourism Aljohara Al-Saleem, explained how the Ministry is advanced and tech-savvy, and how it is blessed with a leadership that supports innovation and technical advancement.

She added that this digital strategy goes hand in hand with the Vision 2030 goals as well as with the national tourism strategy. In fact, the Ministry’s programs and projects are set to empower the workforce and promote a culture of innovation that would contribute to the digital economy.

She concluded by mentioning that all the effort being done is to make the Kingdom a leading country in tourism, as this sector is designed for this future.

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