SGS to Use Blockchain Solution for Digital Documents Across 28 Airports in Saudi Arabia

At LEAP 2023, a prominent technology event in Saudi Arabia, IR4LAB and SGS revealed their partnership in implementing DocCerts, a Blockchain management solution for all digital training records and licenses issued by SGS at 28 airports in the country.

DocCerts, which leverages the power of Blockchain, will allow SGS to produce more than 10,000 digital licenses annually and provide a solution to the widespread issue of document verification.

IR4LAB, a Saudi-based firm specializing in cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, was instrumental in the development of the solution.

Eng. Ayman Alghamdi, the Vice President of Human Resources at SGS, expressed his excitement about the launch of the groundbreaking DocCerts solution at LEAP 2023, which marks a significant milestone in the aviation industry as it is the first initiative of its kind.

SGS provides ground services to over 88 million passengers and 690,000 flights every year, and the implementation of DocCerts will improve the customer experience by enabling the secure and efficient verification of licenses and documents. This solution supports Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030.

Airport ground services play a crucial role in ensuring smooth aircraft operations and include passenger services, baggage handling, ramping, traffic control, load control, and fleet solutions.

The global airport ground market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.40% between 2023 and 2028, according to a forecast by Expert Market Research.

Majd Jamal Alafifi, the Co-founder and CEO of IR4LAB, highlighted the company’s commitment to promoting technology adoption in Saudi Arabia and building local technical capabilities.

The partnership with SGS is a testament to the successful collaboration between local blockchain startups and leading companies in the adoption of innovative technologies like blockchain.

Alafifi is looking forward to more such partnerships in the country to help achieve Saudi’s vision 2030 and establish a leadership position locally and globally.

Mohamed EL KANDRI, the Co-Founder and CTO of IR4LAB, also emphasized the significance of this achievement for the aviation industry globally and in Saudi Arabia. IR4LAB’s solution, DocCerts, allows organizations to create digital documents using signatures that are then recorded on the blockchain, enabling real-time verification by all stakeholders. This makes the ground service operations at Saudi Arabian airports safer, faster, and more transparent.

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