Skey Network invests 5 million USD in Dubai based NFT platform

Skey Network, a blockchain entity invests 5 million USD in the development of blockchain solution, the Go2NFT platform based out of Dubai UAE. The Go2NFT platform is actually powered by Skey Network blockchain.

Radek Krzycki, Chief Operating Officer for Skey Network said, “This investment marks Skey Network’s next stage of development as we continue to grow, strengthen, and invest in our blockchain technology. This is in line with our mission to continue providing real physical value and utility to the world of blockchain technology via NFTs. We believe that in a world full of mass-produced untruth and fakes, we need authenticity and protection of what is most valuable –  truth and uniqueness. Go2NFT”, 

UAE based Go2NFT is a platform offering a safe, non-counterfeit, unique certification of possession of specific physical goods using a dedicated NFT token based on Skey.network blockchain technology.

“The NFT market is not only speculative assets and colorful pictures; few people know the technological value of non-fungible tokens. Our project will highlight this utility side of NFTs”, said Boris Ejsymont, Chief Business Officer for Go2NFT.

“The ability to predict trends, universality, ease of verification, transparency of transactions, and the speed of the solution are all undoubtedly major advantages of the Go2NFT project. With Skey Network on board, our project will benefit from synergized efforts, thanks to integrated know-how, contacts, experience, and the Skey.network infrastructure. This, I believe, will greatly benefit our investors,” added Ejsymont.

The Go2NFT platform is dedicated to two types of users – companies/corporations (legal entities, producers of goods and services on a mass scale) as well as specific consumers (non-mass recipients and non-commercial producers of goods and services).

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