StashAway to Offer BlackRock-powered Investment Options to its Clients

StashAway, a digital wealth platform, and BlackRock have come together to offer a suite of globally diversified multi-asset model portfolios that are built from BlackRock’s analytics and ETFs, which are managed by StashAway. The portfolios will be available to investors via the StashAway app.

Peter Loehnert, Head of ETFs and Index Investing APAC at BlackRock said, “We are excited that StashAway is launching portfolios powered by BlackRock’s analysis. This partnership will give more investors across Asia access to BlackRock’s insights and investment capabilities via StashAway’s platform, offering diversified and liquid ETFs as building blocks for portfolio construction, maximizing the value of ETF investing.”

On the StashAway app, General Investing portfolios make it easy for all investors to get access to globally diversified, multi-asset portfolios of ETFs that are optimised for long-term risk-adjusted returns. Investors can now choose from three different General Investing strategies: The StashAway-powered General Investing portfolio optimises for long-term risk adjusted returns while keeping risk constant; the Responsible Investing portfolio does the same while also optimising for ESG impact. Following the latest collaboration with BlackRock and StashAway, the third portfolio BlackRock-powered General Investing portfolio is a new long-term investment strategy that offers even broader diversification for the investor.

“We know from research and feedback that investors like to try out different investment strategies and to diversify their investments. We’re not looking to become a supermarket of investment options; we’re curating the absolute best of the best of what’s out there so that investors who understandably want to do different things with their money can do it in one place,” shares Stephanie Leung, StashAway Co-CIO.

StashAway first launched in 2020 with its own General Investing portfolios, and has since then expanded its offering to include ESG investing, multiple thematic portfolios, and cash growth. Just last month, StashAway introduced Flexible Portfolios, a way for investors to control their portfolios’ asset allocations.

“We started out with a single investment strategy, but we always wanted to evolve into a platform that provides investors not only easy access to the best investment options, but also investment options that they could grow into. Investing is a journey. It takes time to amass enough wealth to start diversifying investment strategies. And we want to be there every step of the way for our clients,” says StashAway Co-Founder and CEO, Michele Ferrario.

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