Taking Flight into the Digital Era: Dubai Civil Aviation Authority to Integrate Blockchain for Swift Permits

Dubai’s Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) has entered into an agreement with Dubai Aviation City Corporation and Dubai Integrated Economic Zones to expedite the digitization of aviation activities.

Under the presence of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of DCAA and Emirates Airline and Group, these agreements aim to enhance cooperation and establish a connected network using ‘Web Service’ technology.

This network will facilitate the issuance of commercial activity permits in the aviation sector, enabling swift approvals from DCAA for commercial licensing transactions at Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai Airport Freezone.

Additionally, the agreements strengthen collaboration in managing institutional information and data, promoting seamless integration.

Regarding this significant achievement, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum expressed, “This Memorandum of Understanding marks a strategic milestone in transforming Dubai’s aviation industry and solidifies the emirate’s global leadership in digitalizing aviation operations.”

He further emphasized that integrating advanced technology and digital solutions into Dubai’s aviation sector is not just a business strategy but a profound commitment to customers, partners, and the city’s future. By fostering an environment that encourages the fusion of technology and human innovation, Dubai aims to achieve unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The memorandum of understanding signing outlined several key objectives, including the implementation of Dubai’s digitalization strategy through advanced technologies, the establishment of an integrated system for paperless government operations, and the secure exchange of data between organizations.

Additionally, the MoU aims to automate the verification process of commercial licenses by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for customers through a unified portal.

The partnership agreement between the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and the Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority involves the integration of data and information using blockchain technology. This integration, achieved through a fully activated and interconnected blockchain connection, enhances the speed and accuracy of service delivery.

The first agreement was signed by Mohammed Abdullah Ahli, the Director General of DCAA, and Khalifa Al Zaffin, the Executive Chairman of Dubai Aviation City Corporation and Dubai South.

The second agreement was signed by Mohammed Abdullah Ahli and Dr. Mohammed Alzarooni, the Executive Chairman of DIEZ Authority, in the presence of senior executives from all entities involved.

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