Trio of ChatGPT Platforms From G42 to Hit UAE Market Soon, Says CEO

Despite concerns about privacy and security, ChatGPT has gained popularity, and many GPT platforms have emerged, ranging from CatGPT, which generates cat-related GIFs based on user input, to more serious applications like Astra Tech’s BOTIM GPT, a chat bot that utilizes GPT technology to communicate in Arabic.

G42, an AI company in the UAE, is developing its own ChatGPT-based platforms. During a media roundtable, Group CEO Peng Xiao stated that they are currently working on creating the largest Arabic-language model. According to Xiao, Arabic is a widely spoken language, but it is not well served by major players in the industry.

G42 is developing two more GPT-powered platforms – GovGPT and ClimateGPT. GovGPT aims to provide users with answers to queries about government services without requiring them to navigate through individual government applications. Meanwhile, ClimateGPT is set to launch prior to COP28 and is designed to encourage public participation in climate programs.

According to Peng Xiao, these platforms are expected to be launched shortly, although he did not provide any specifics on the timeline.

In a recent roundtable discussion, Peng Xiao addressed an open letter signed by tech leaders, including Elon Musk, calling for a six-month pause on training advanced AI models to study their potential impact. However, Xiao disagreed with the call for a pause and instead suggested conducting more trials and experiments with transparency to better regulate the technology.

Xiao proposed that practitioners should work with regulators and governments to conduct more cutting-edge experiments, such as the one they plan to do with Toto Wolff’s F1 team.

He emphasized the importance of involving regulators and governments in the process to help identify any issues or concerns and take proactive measures to manage them.

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