True Gamers Partners with Jordanian Authorities to Boost eSports in the Region

True Gamers, a prominent international network of eSports clubs, has unveiled its latest partnership with the Jordanian authorities.

Positioned as a pioneer in gaming innovation throughout the MENA region, the company is set to play a pivotal role in the creation of a cutting-edge cyber sports arena spanning over 1000 square meters, situated within the King Hussein Business Park in Amman.

This state-of-the-art venue is poised to host a myriad of top-tier eSports tournaments, catering to both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned professionals, promising an immersive gaming experience for all participants. True Gamers will serve as a trusted advisor for the majority of these events and will curate its own series of tournaments within the arena. Moreover, the company will actively contribute to boosting the cyber sports infrastructure across the kingdom.

The primary objective of this collaborative venture is to cultivate a thriving gaming culture in Jordan, opening doors to new prospects for aspiring pro gamers and gaming aficionados alike. With the inauguration of this facility, a broader audience will have the opportunity to embrace gaming culture and become fully immersed in the cyber sports community.

Furthermore, the arena will serve as a nexus for hosting amateur tournaments among Gulf countries, an initiative spearheaded by True Gamers, aimed at fostering inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for all individuals to partake in eSports and proudly represent their nations in competitive gaming. The inaugural tournament is slated to feature teams from the UAE and Jordan.

Vlad Belyanin, Chief Product Officer of True Gamers, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration and the prospects it holds for eSports development in Jordan. Belyanin extended gratitude to the Jordanian Esports Federation and the Royal Family, particularly His Royal Highness Prince Omar Bin Feisal, for their support, affirming confidence in the collective efforts to benefit the Kingdom and catalyze innovation, economic prosperity, and social advancement.

The official inauguration of the arena is scheduled for May 2024, during which both parties will unveil further details about the venue and the terms of collaboration.

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