Tunisia launches Blockchain incubator

Tunisian Impact Partner (Yunus Social Business Network), a non-profit organization has launched the first Blockchain incubator in partnership with 1337 Digital Studio & Dar Blockchain and supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC)

The Decentralize Impact program redefines the rules of incubation by democratizing access to resources for creators in the blockchain field, but also for the community as a whole. The new Tunis Impact Partner program is a first in Tunisia. The stated goal is to provide national blockchain players with the most favorable environment and to give more visibility to the blockchain industry, which is still in its infancy in Tunisia.

Decentralize Impact is a blockchain innovation program for empowering next innovations of the blockchain ecosystem, through community-driven governance, feedback and involvement mechanisms. As per their website, ” We incentivize entrepreneurs and changemakers to create innovative solutions using blockchain in various sectors such as Renewables, Clean Energy, Micro grids, Decentralized Energy, Energy Storage, De-FI, Financial Management, Digital Wallets, P2P systems , Digital ID, NFTs, Photography, Architecture, Music, Gaming, Publishing and more”

Projects in pre MVP phase can apply to the website

Tunisian Startup FarmTrust for example was recently acquired by Lamma ecommerce entity for groceries.

Tunisia has also tested Central Bank Digital Currency.

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