Tunisian artist fills UAE with NFT sculptures

Tunisian artist Idriss who has moved to the UAE is filling the scenary with his NFT sculptures of geometric figured animals be they gorillas, bear, or turtles. In a recent interview with Arab News, Idriss talked about his Polyverse Art, a collection of 11,000 digital animal sculptures which has their unique names and personalities.

His sculptures can be found dotted throughout the UAE. Supplied

The artist told Arab News that he believes NFTs are the future of art, so it made sense for him to go in that direction.

“NFT’s are part of the future and the art world will embrace this new medium completely,” he said.

In addition to being a proud owner of Idriss B’s art in the metaverse, crypto-enthusiasts who purchase one of his NFTs also receive a physical piece of art, in addition to real life benefits such as exclusive access to private concerts, fashion shows, gallery openings and NBA games, according to the artist’s website polyverseart.io.

“NFTs allow artists to directly connect with thousands of people,” said Idriss B. “It’s about being a part of something bigger.”

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