UAE Abu Dhabi Customs Authority joins Blockchain Tradelens

UAE Abu Dhabi Customs joins Blockchain Trade platform Tradelens. Abu Dhabi Customs Authority discussed how TradeLens and digitized transportation documentation has the ability to streamline processes in customs declaration processes. 

Yanal Qasim Mohammad Alkhasoneh, Division Director – Information Technology, Abu Dhabi Customs Authority, stated “Abu Dhabi Customs is excited to work with a group of importers and exporters to explore the benefits that collaboration using blockchain can offer to all those involved. This joint approach is critical to create time savings in the process and to improve access to international trade to all entities that trade with Abu Dhabi. We really believe TradeLens will be bringing a lot of benefits to our ecosystem here in Abu Dhabi”.

“The collaboration across public and private entities towards a single shared goal was immensely encouraging. The gathering of industry leaders, authorities, and ocean carriers to jointly and openly address international transportation documentation highlights the desire to improve existing processes using innovative digital tools like TradeLens”, added Thomas Sproat, Global Head of Network TradeLens

Some countries within the GCC and MENA region have joined the Blockchain tradelens platform including Oman Ports Authority, UAE DP World, Jordan Customs as well as Saudi Customs.

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