UAE Aimedis Blockchain healthcare platform launches Healthcare City Metaverse

Aimedis, The Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and IoT (Internet of Things) enabled electronic healthcare platform headquartered in UAE with offices in the Netherlands and the Philippines, have launched their Healthcare City Metaverse, the Aimedis Health City, at the 2022 Arab Health Congress and Exhibition happening in Dubai, UAE between January 24th and January 27th 2022.

Blockchain enabled healthcare platform Aimedis, was one of the first to launch an NFT science and medical data marketplace back in 2021. Aimedis a unique AI-supported digital health ecosystem secured by the blockchain will be showcasing its latest innovation, the Aimedis Health City, which intends to be the biggest hospital and healthcare space in the Metaverse. It will merge the physical and virtual world and offer better experiences for both patients and the medical professionals.

Aimedis Health City will enable users to connect, interact, rehabilitate and provide treatment across time and space in ways that were previously unimaginable.

The World Federation for Neuro Rehabilitation (WFNR), as well as three university hospitals and a well reputed German Hospital have secured their space in the Aimedis Health City Metaverse already, more will join shortly. With the entry into the Aimedis Metaverse, these institutions will start to hold a relevant amount of the Aimedis tokens (AIMX), making it the first healthcare cryptocurrency held by healthcare institutions. Aimedis Health City Metaverse will serve as a virtual gateway for hospitals, pharmacies, private practices, universities, insurance companies and other healthcare related entities.

Dr. Ben El Idrissi, COO & Founder of Aimedis explains, “Our partners will have the option of either buying or renting space in the Health City Metaverse. With the cooperation of major hospital chains, university hospitals and others we will launch a new era in the healthcare and medical data sector, where we will be able to serve more patients better in more cost and time effective manner.”

In addition, the Aimedis Health City will include the first Museum of Virtual Medical & Scientific Art. They have partnered with German artist Kristian Solakov to release AI and medical NFT art pieces that will be showcased at the museum. Dr. Michael Kaldasch, CEO & Founder of Aimedis explains, “We will work with Solakov to release our three limited NFTs of Ava.  Ava is Aimedis’s AI-supported assistant, to help patients, doctors and other users make the most of the apps, features and spaces inside Aimedis Health City. She will lend a helping hand and a soft touch to the world of virtual healthcare and bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse.”

Furthermore, the artist will also create NFTs of “Aimedis Medical Art” to be placed in the “Aimedis Virtual Museum” in the Health City Metaverse.

Finally Aimedis will also showcase the “Aimedis Virtual Hospital” Information System. The virtual hospital runs clinical and operational processes, reduces governance and raises compliance with a simplified and efficient user experience while accompanying the users 24/7 in terms of security, readiness and service.

The AIMX token will become the main mean of settlement within the ecosystem that will power it from the inside. Holders of AIMX tokens will become the first investors and leaders of the new trend in healthcare. WFNR, The German Hospital, and one of the university hospitals will hold a large amount of AIMX tokens as part of their representation within the Aimedis Health City Metaverse.

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