UAE Attarius Blockchain gaming entity partners with Octopus Network

UAE Based Attarius Blockchain gaming entity founded in early 2021 in the free-zone twofour54 in Abu Dhabi, has partnered with Blockchain NEAR protocol enabled Octopus Network as an Appchain Candidate.

Octopus Network is one of the leading multichain networks for launching and running Substrate-based application-specific blockchains, aka, appchains — ushering in a Web3.0 evolution. Octopus Network is built on NEAR Protocol — one of the most popular layer1 ecosystems in the crypto industry.

Attarius Blockchain gaming Network chose to work with leading partners for developing its solutions for blockchain gaming. Launching as an Appchain on Octopus Network offers Attarius a custom-designed solution with fast transactions.

To date, more than 10 projects have chosen to build their application chains on the Octopus Network. By building its ecosystem on Substrate as an Octopus Network Appchain, Attarius can unite its resources and build the best infrastructure for indie studios developing blockchain games.

“We’re more than happy to start the collaboration with Octopus Network team for further developing the future of the blockchain gaming industry. We believe that 2022 will be the year of cross-chain, interoperable, fast, effective, and simple solutions for both indie studios, who we’re helping to build the games, and every gamer who wants to be more involved in play-to-earn model-based games with in-game items in form of NFT,” stated Oleg Kotlyarov, CEO and Founder of Attarius Network.

“The Octopus Network welcomes Attarius Network as an Appchain Candidate. We see great potential in the GameFi industry as a whole and admire Attarius’ mission of supporting Indie Game Developers, which is in line with our ethos of opening the floodgates to Web3.0 by supporting and inspiring Web3.0 innovation. We are looking forward to watching Attarius Network develop as an GameFi Appchain in the Octopus Network, added Louis, Liu, Founder, Octopus Network

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