UAE based IN4X Global introduces a Crypto Payment Solution in the Middle East

IN4X Global is an international technology solutions company that specializes in cryptocurrency and digital assets management.​ It has recently introduced its new cryptocurrency payment gateway that lets businesses offer crypto payments to their customers.

The robust payment platform launched by IN4X Global is directed toward empowering businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as an alternate mode of payment. Utilizing this platform would enable businesses to keep track of all their orders and payments, irrespective of whether they use e-commerce websites like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, or point of sale (POS) transactions.

Cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity. Since they have a minimal transaction fee as compared to traditional banking systems, they have gained further adoption among crypto enthusiasts. Studies have shown that businesses can attract over 40% of new customers if they provide an option to pay with crypto. Hence, providing crypto payments along with other payment options is a great way to tap into a broader consumer market.

Moreover, since crypto transactions are decentralized, they are also secure and immutable. This helps eliminate chargebacks. Refunds can be made only after the business consents to it. Apart from these benefits, using cryptocurrency payments helps a business stand ahead of the competition and enhances the overall brand image.

Additionally, with the IN4X payment gateway, businesses are also provided the option for instantaneous crypto to cash conversions at competitive rates with no hidden charges. Hence, they may let their consumers pay in crypto while receiving payments in fiat currency.

The most important features of the gateway are:

Seamless integration with your existing payment system.Customizable dashboard with easy access to all transactions.Real-time tracking of all orders and payments.Faster and reliable payment processing.Businesses can receive crypto payments on any wallet they prefer.Businesses can choose to receive the settlement in cash.

Ala Albatayneh, General Manager at IN4X quotes, “Introducing this innovative crypto payment solution is in line with our mission to provide businesses and their users with the technology they need to facilitate the payment process and help them achieve their financial goals. We truly believe that cryptocurrency is the future of business. This is an opportunity for us to further the UAE’s blockchain agenda and contribute to the building of our country’s future economy. The company has been able to demonstrate its potential and dedication to accelerate crypto adoption in the Arab region.”

“This platform serves as a quick, secure, and easy-to-use payment processor and crypto payment gateway. It has been tailored to suit our vision to facilitate the adoption and acceptance of blockchain technology amongst businesses and individuals. The use of cryptocurrency has been growing stronger in terms of variety, acceptance, versatility, and knowledge. Businesses are now beginning to see their potential as an alternate mode of payment, and IN4X Global is proud to champion this shift,” he added.

IN4X Global Crypto payment is the first comprehensive crypto solution from this region. The company has completed rigorous testing and has already started rolling out the payment solution to select retailers. They have plenty of clients in their pipeline with the goal of further aiding the adoption of crypto payments with the long-term goal of boosting the financial independence of businesses all around the world.

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