UAE based Intelly Blockchain realestate platform offers Fractional NFTs

Intelly, blockchain-based real estate investment platform, with offices in UAE, UK and Turkey, is offering investment in realestate property through fractionalize NFTs . Intelly has created a tool for real estate to be tokenized. The fractional NFT’s are created by locking a BEP-721 NFT that is tied to an asset into a BEP-20 smart contract. 

Intelly will allow any real estate project worldwide to be tokenized and traded on the Intelly Exchange. Tokenized projects will enable investors to own a share of the underlying asset. This creates a liquid real estate market where assets are based on their profitability.

Their first project is already underway in partnership with Tasceken Group. Jardin Eden consists of 118 villas and a 100-room hotel, a total of 218 units. The development is conducted on a land area of 124.000 m2 (about 138.3 sq. yards). The award-winning project even features a private beach for residents. The project is scheduled to be opened up for investors in July 2022. Investments will be done with the INTL Token on the Intelly platform.

Intelly already raised 32 million USD in its private sale.

Intelly is not the first to offer fractional NFTs for real estate investment, Aqarchain was the first globally to do so.

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