UAE Blockchain Attarius Network launches ecosystem for game creators

UAE Blockchain Attarius Network launches ecosystem for gamers and game studios to boost Digital Asset Earnings through gamification.

Attarius Network developed a play-to-earn platform, providing new opportunities for gamers and game creators. With a clear vision of how to make it simpler for the gaming sector to enter the blockchain and crypto markets, gamers will have more economic opportunities in the field.

The Attarius ecosystem provides technical and advisory support, allowing developers and gamers to explore new horizons inside an infrastructure that allows the integration of numerous modules and technologies.

“We are looking to expand our activities and add new viable features to our basic toolkit. We’re constantly seeking ways to develop new tools for better user experience and profit-generating opportunities. Among other priorities is to increase community outreach, boost the company’s reputation and further contribute to the deployment of blockchain in the gaming sector”, said Natala Drik, CIO of Attarius Network.

Attarius Network plans to offer simple tools that open up the chance for game producers to manage in-game objects and digital assets across numerous gaming platforms by the end of 2022 (Web, PC, Mobile, Console). It also intends to create a set of open-source Game APIs and SDKs for all major platforms and engines.

Attarius Network also aspires to empower gaming market participants by allowing them to create their own NFTs and games. On a mission to enable smaller indie studios, the startup provides them with the platform to generate cash flow and offers support from proof of concept through launch.

“With the help of its own Attarius blockchain, our platform supports gaming projects at all stages of their development, starting right from the concept stage and up to the ultimate release of the final product to users”, said Oleg Kotliarov, CEO of Attarius Network.

Fueled by cryptocurrency, the GameFi market has grown in the UAE over the previous couple of years, with companies such as Infinity Ventures Crypto raising $70 million to accelerate the growth of global GameFi innovations, and UAE based Decentralised Investment Group (DIG) investing in GameFi, Defi, and Blockchain.

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