UAE Crypto Oasis Sentio invests in UAE Evai.io crypto rating platform

UAE Crypto Oasis Sentio, part of the UAE Crypto Oasis Blockchain ecosystem has announced that UAE Evai.io became part of their investment profile. Crypto Oasis Sentio stated in the LinkedIn post that new partnerships and investments out of our early-stage token investment vehicle will be coming soon.

UAE Evai.io is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and is a pioneer in developing an unbiased crypto rating platform. The platform is built on peer-reviewed and Nobel Prize winning research. Evai.io’s technology evaluates live data of crypto assets against critical KPIs through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Evai.io is keen on delivering unbiased data to keep investors informed to make the right investment decision. According to Evai.io “By harnessing the technological advancements in AI and machine learning we are able to constantly optimize the ratings system to provide investors with impartial data, informing their next investment decisions.” Investors can build their own customized intuitive dashboards on Evai.io’s platform

Crypto Oasis Sentio is part of Crypto Oasis UAE-based blockchain ecosystem. UNLOCK had interviewed Saqr Ereiqat, Founder of Crypto Oasis Sentio which launched in November 2021 and had already invested in several entities in the UAE such as Exsports.

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