UAE Decentralised Investment group invests in GameFi, DeFi and Blockchain

UAE based Decentralised Investment Group (DIG), committed to making blockchain omnipresent is investing in GameFi, DeFi, and Blockchain.

According to their medium post DIG has created numerous GameFi products, as they believe that blockchain based games are the future of the gaming world. These games allow players to earn money and in-game assets while simply having fun just like they do with traditional games.

To achieve this goal, DIG is constantly creating innovative and exciting games in the GameFi sector. At the same time, the company has purchased and converted traditional fan favorite games into new and exciting play-to-earn NFT games.

One of their most recent products is the Kart Racing League, which is the world’s first NFT kart racing game.

Decentralised Investment Group has also invested $5 million into Realms of Eternity, a blockchain MMORPG , that helped them raise an additional $5 million from investors. Additionally, they are preparing to launch the world’s biggest gaming guild, which makes their diverse gaming portfolio a must for gamers to dive into.

DIG has several goals in the GameFi sector. One of them is to raise brand awareness regarding titles owned by DIG and associated GameFi products. This includes Blue Monster Games, which is one of the three branches owned by DIG. They aim to attract and engage with like-minded people to build a strong community of gamers that love the products as much as the team behind them. Hence, they are constantly creating and developing fun and innovative games that will continue to attract more and more players and token holders.

Finally, the company intends to increase marketplace transactions across all their products to hit the final destination of being a market leader in the industry.

In addition. DIG is heavily involved in the DeFi sector. Some of the DIG’s products in the DeFi space include MonsterPad, which is a crypto crowd-funding platform, and Kaiju Wallet, which is a wallet for the DeFi space. With Kaiju Wallet, users also receive an associated Rewards Visa card. Another noteworthy product is Swap Zilla, which is a DEX (decentralised exchanges) aggregator.

DIG has also established a venture capital (VC) arm focused on blockchain startups and businesses. The first investment made by DIG’s VC arm is 44 Club, which is an exclusive private members club backed by an NFT collection. On Sunday 23rd January 2022, DIG held a private pre-whitelist event for 44 Club in the Four Seasons Hotel, Dubai. Besides 44 Club, they are also incubating an NFT collection and game dubbed Original Myths.


DIG plans to expand to countries including Philippines, Brazil, and India.

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