UAE Digital tech entity partners with Blockchain Certification provider Notarify

UAE Digital Tech entity, NX Digital technology and Blockchain certification provider Notarify signed a partnership agreement. As per the LinkedIn post, The founder and CEO of UAE based NX Digital Technology,  Dr. Abdulla Al Nuaimi, signed an agreement with UAE Notarify country manager, Imad Al Kurdi to enhance document management by using blockchain technology. Notarify headquartered out of Italy has opened a presence in Dubai DIFC. The signing took place during Intersec Expo in Dubai UAE.

Notarify uses blockchain technology to provide a complete solution to upload, certify and manage documents safely. While UAE based NX Digital Technology, “Next Generation” Digital Technology are providers of artificial intelligence solutions in the MENA region. Their services include cyber security, digital transformation, software development, and more.

According to Blockchain certification provider Notarify, their technology will “solve several problems and risks related to the storage, sharing and signing of files. Notarify’s platform manages the entire lifecycle of documents with Blockchain validation, i.e. the so-called “notarization”, which allows obtaining a certain date and proof of immutability of the content.

By signing an executive document to establish strategic relations, Next Generation Digital Technology and Notarify aim to optimize and further enhance their services through blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

There are several companies in the UAE offering Blockchain document management solutions and notary solutions. For example Justchain in UAE launched NotaryChain in 2021. UAE Zorrosign also offers various document management solutions utilizing blockchain.

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