UAE Everdome Metaverse to experience Mars

UAE Everdome Metaverse, the most hyper-realistic metaverse, unveiled the roadmap of establishing Everdome Metaverse, saying that it’s expected to have it fully set on Mars through 2022.

Everodme’s roadmap includes three phases and each of them will demonstrate in the digital world a distinguished experiences that overlaps with reality, and allow investors, users, and viewers the opportunity to engage in the entire process and witness the landing on Mars.

Commenting on the roadmap announcement, Rob Gryn, CEO and Founder of Everdome & Metahero said: “we’re getting so close. We are developing a unique verse to the point where you really can’t tell the difference between what you are going to see in Everdome and the real world.”

Everdome’s official public token ($DOME) has been launched on OKX. Everdome plans to rollout its metaverse in 3 unique phases through 2022, all tied to very real-life experiences.

Phase 1:

Users will be able to view the launch room in 3D from their desktop or selected VR headset connected to the computer. This part is located on the planet Earth and designed to give more information about the history of space exploration and the upcoming Everdome mission. Simultaneously a web trading platform, using GIS technology underneath, will be released online. It will be available free to play to all users.

Phase 2:

Users and viewers both have the opportunity to experience the (rocket) launch, being part of the mission itself aboard the vessel, as well as view the launch much like real world rocket launches.

Phase 3:

After approximately 123 days of flight, users will experience Mars landing – the settlement of Everdome begins. First dome will let users touch the Martian soil and enter Everdome headquarters area consisting of the first buildings on the red planet.

Everdome intends to deliver on their internal mantra of speed to market, paired with agility and flexibility around industry markers, by providing their first glimpse into the product today as proof. 

Built on Unreal Engine 5, Everdome team will deliver a chic real-world-extended experience – pulling on the talents and vision of renowned concept artists, game creators, 3D designers, Hollywood VFX specialists, urban planning professionals, a development team that has been delivering graphics and effects for more than a decade, and a marketing team that has already found bounds of success in numerous industries.  

Metahero presented 3D NFTs during the Future Blockchain Summit in UAE in 2021.

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