UAE FTFT Capital to launch Metaverse NFT Art museum platform

UAE FTFT capital Investments, a blockchain investment company, and the DAS (Daily Art Story) Team, which operates a Metaverse NFT art platform, partner to launch a Metaverse NFT art museum platform project. The project aims to integrate the high-quality art market with digital art.

Both organizations declared plans to supply an ultra-high-definition digital art streaming service and publish world-famous paintings and works by renowned artists as ultra-high-definition NFTs.

“We are thrilled to work with DAS, an organization that is invested in the growth and innovation of Arts,”. Teaming up with DAS is an exciting development for our establishment; the platform will revolutionize how arts are seen globally,” said Ola Lind, the CEO, and Director of FTFT Capital.

The global NFT market’s recent trend indicates that interest in digital artworks in the virtual world has been progressively declining. On the contrary, globally renowned NFT collectors collecting NFT artworks also obtainable as real-life paintings have grown tremendously.

Following the significant expansion of the art-tech market in the form of financial technology based on high-priced artworks by prominent artists, both organizations are harnessing NFT to expand and collaborate on NFT art-tech solutions.

 “Visitors will be fascinated with over 10,000 high-quality, thoroughly verified, certified, and secured copyright artworks provided by more than 200 renowned artists, showcased in a realistic virtual space to express the finest details. DAS utilizes stablecoin conversion and artificial intelligence trading to prevent artwork devaluation and crypto risk. DAS’s “Own to Earn” provides stable profits from holding transactions and sharing NFTs in reality,” said Peter Park, Director of DAS.

The organizations are set to expand the reach of the Metaverse-style NFT art museum platform from Dubai, the global art market’s epicenter and the MENA region.

In January 2022, FTFT launched a global crypto market data platform.

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