UAE Gawah Holdings invests in Blockchain Enabled Digipharm

UAE Gawah Holdings has invested in Blockchain enabled Digipharm through a strategic equity. The investment will assist in implementing it’s proprietary value-based healthcare solutions across the GCC beginning with the UAE. DigiPharm began its operations back in 2018 partnering with SwissCom.

Blockchain enabled Digipharm ltd. helps patients access the best available healthcare with its pioneering value-based contracting platform. The independent platforms provide manufacturers, payers and healthcare providers with the ability to automate and execute value based reimbursement agreements. Digipharm incorporates healthcare, data, blockchain, digital currencies & DeFi together.

“We are extremely thrilled to begin our journey with Gawah Holdings given the intellectual capital, background in healthcare at the group & resources that Digipharm can extract from. The most recent announcements out of the United Arab Emirates around blockchain, crypto & DeFi plus the regulatory friendliness & focus on healthcare make it the perfect place for us to expand our efforts into the region. What Digipharm is building shall be a critical foundation for future health systems that enables us to thrive and implement key principles that encourage cost-effectiveness throughout the care continuum. We believe this is something that the region too is focused on and the United Arab Emirates & GCC will be an exemplar that the rest of the world can learn from” said Ahmed Abdulla, CEO of Digipharm ltd.

Gawah Holdings Inc. is a multi-industry focused investment holding company with interests across the globe but primarily focused on the MENA region. Gawah Holdings maintains 5 verticals: operating companies, equity investments, Joint ventures, investment funds and strategic alliances. Industries include but are not limited to tech, healthcare, finance, medical supplies, real estate, and enterprise solutions amongst others.

Suhail Al Ansari, Deputy Vice Chairman & Co Founder of Gawah Holdings Inc. said “ It’s certainly a pleasure to begin 2022 with such wonderful news across so many verticals of interest but more so with like-minded and motivated individuals like Ahmed & Team. Industry will always evolve, regulation shall too but technology and its use cases have always move faster. Who discovers the technology, which key players rise from it, industry use cases & applications plus how regulation forms is not a linear process but my journey in healthcare, and experience in the United Arab Emirates now as a polymath of multiple sectors gives me a view of multiple regions. Most who speak to me will say Suhail is a unbiased global citizen and that in many ways is true, however, as an Emirati I take great pride in the fact that my nation is currently leading the way in the sectors of subject, in fact is recognized by the world to have an edge as well, and I am proud to bring this venture home “

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