UAE Government entity launches Blockchain VERIFY Digital platform

The UAE Telecommunications and Digital Regulatory Authority ( TDRA) has launched the Blockchain VERIFY digital platform. The UAE VERIFY blockchain enabled digital platform enables instant verification of any user’s digital Trusted Document. A Digital Trusted Document on the VERIFY platform is a document issued by VERIFY Partners , where its data is digested into a hash and recorded on the Blockchain. This generates a footprint that can always be validated by VERIFY. It verifies the authenticity, integrity and validity of the document from the official source.

In a twitter video the UAE TDRA announced the launch. The VERIFY digital trusted document platform currently has nine live partners, 19 digital trusted document types with 1,172,286 digital trusted documents issued. and 14, 663 digital trusted documents verified.

Partners of UAE Blockchain enabled VERIFIY Digital platform include UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, UAE Ministry of Interior, UAE Ministry of Education, UAE Ministry of health and Prevention, UAE Ministry of Community Development, UAE Ministry of Justice, Dubai Land Department, Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security and General Civil Aviation Authority.

#UAE_Verify has been launched
to support comprehensive digital transformation
It is an advanced platform to verify digital documents using blockchain technology.https://t.co/JA2SobBwdL pic.twitter.com/NbrSLz100y

— تدرا TDRA (@tdrauae) January 18, 2022

With the increasing popularity of digital services, and the need for secure ways to share data, Digital Trusted Document and UAE VERIFY enable an easy, quick and tamper-proof mechanism for service providers to independently verify the authenticity and validity of documents without the need to review the content or ask for a True copy.

As per the UAE verify website, as a Document Owner, you can request a “Digital Trusted Document” from VERIFY Partners’ channel or request it through UAE PASS app. This will allow users to share their documents with any third party through various available online channels.

As a recipient of a “Digital Trusted Document”, users can verify its authenticity ,integrity and validity from the official source on UAE Verify Platform by uploading the document. Users can also verify the “Digital Trusted Document” by scanning the QR code presented by the document owner through their UAE PASS app.

UAE VERIFY platform will check the hash of the “Digital Trusted Document” registered on the Blockchain and verify that the document comes from the official source and has not been tampered with. UAE VERIFY also provides a real-time status of the document life cycle from the official source.

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