UAE JGroup ad house partner with Admix for gaming in metaverse

Admix tech for guiding brands into gaming and the metaverse has joined forces with UAE JGROUP ad house to bring In-Play advertising to the group’s clients into the metaverse.

JGroup will now make Admix’s In-Play ad placements part of the media mix they offer for DOOH brand clients, with potential for further opportunities that blend the virtual and physical worlds for MENA brands in the future. 

In-Play has revolutionized advertising within the games industry, introducing premium, non-intrusive ads that blend with in-game environments and enhance the gameplay experience. JGroup brands will be able to programmatically make use of inventory across Admix’s portfolio of high-quality mobile games publishers including Gameloft, Sir Studios and Naxeex. The MENA region is one of the fastest-growing gaming markets in the world, with revenue across the MENA-3 (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt) reaching 1.76 billion in 2021. 

Samuel Huber, CEO and Co-Founder, Admix, stated, “The MENA region is a highly captive audience when it comes to gaming and virtual world experiences and it’s an honor to be able to introduce our In-Play tech there with such a major player in the MENA media market as JGroup. We’re looking forward to kicking off the partnership.” 

Imad Jomaa, Founder and CEO of JGroup, added, “We are thrilled to be expanding our network of advertising offerings to reach users in the metaverse. JGroup is always invested in providing top class innovative digital solutions to its media partners and clients. We are very proud to be part of this major milestone in the MENA region as a pioneer in the GCC media space. Always driven by its passion to deliver new solutions to its clients in the media ecosystem, Promofix is excited to commercially represent Admix services in the MENA region and be part of this new media transformational journey.”

Last year, Admix collaborated with the UK’s largest DOOH company, Ocean Outdoor, to launch NFT billboards in the web3 virtual world platform, Somnium Space, and is now expanding into brand new geos with JGroup.

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