UAE Lead Ventures partners with Karma Innovation on Crypto Arabs NFTs

Lead Ventures have partnered with Karma Innovations to launch Crypto Arabs utility NFT collection.

KI-VC Fund is the flagship venture capital arm of Karma Innovations investing in category-leading blockchain projects. They support visionary ideas and exceptional talent that intend to transform the world through the use of blockchain technology. Projects also benefit from a full advisory service.

Mohaed Al Banna, CEO and Managing Director, Lead Ventures, stated on LinkedIn, ” We are proud to bring the region a first of its kind limited edition collection of exclusive NFTs called Crypto Arabs that will be released soon. This project mirrors our philosophy of evolving with the times and being at the forefront of new innovation, business and technology. Each piece of digital art is a one of a kind recorded on a blockchain.”

He adds, ” This NFT collection will make you part of our exclusive community where you get access to Crypto Experts, Events plus a percentage of the earnings from this collection will be donated to charity as we give back to our community together.”

Crypto Arabs NFT collection came out of the UAE Shaabiat Al Cartoon comedy show that encompasses 15 years of legacy, and 24 unique characters. The comedy show was created by Haidar Mohammad Ali.

Being part of the Crypto Arabs club will avail owners the ability to meet with superstar athletes and celebrities, special events, and world class personalities like Pierre Gasly, Leonardo Bonucci, Chris Gayle, Lindsay Brewer, Taylor Fritz, Gaël Monfils, Msdossary7, etc.

In addition to Karma Innovations, UAE Crypto Oasis is also a strategic partner as are DubaiLad.

In the past UAE Lead Ventures has also partnered with Blockchain CasperLabs to bring blockchain into the GCC and MENA region.

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