UAE Mcontent launches with cinema metaverse experience

UAE Mcontent, the world’s first Blockchain NFT digital content market place that aims to build a collaborative content ecosystem with the core purpose of seed funding, incubating and curating film makers and content producers around the World, recently launched their first cinema metaverse experience at Dubai Palm Jumeirah’s West Crescent in UAE.

The Mcontent cineverse event beamed 200 film buffs directly into a virtual cinema from the W Dubai according to an article in the UAE National NewsPaper. As per the article, ” The pop-up movie premiere was hosted to celebrate the launch of MContent, a metaverse crowdfunding platform designed to connect content creators with investors. Eight months after inception, it already claims to be worth more than $100 million.”

Supercar Blondie, one of MContent’s celebrity partners, talks animatedly with organizers while YouTube star Mo Vlogs gazes into the sunset, no doubt dreaming of futuristic videos to come.

MContent founder and chief executive Umair Masoom stated, “I think by the end of the year the metaverse is going to be part of our everyday lives and for a lot of people it already is. You can go to the extent of having your own characters within the metaverse and they could be programmed to speak any language. “You can make friends, you can interact, you can buy a car, there are so many things happening in the metaverse already. It’s going to be a major change that affects everyone. It is possible to have an alternate life.”

Masoom, admits that regulation of the metaverse concerns him. He tells the National, “When something disruptive happens, there is always a good side and a bad side to it, which is why I absolutely agree that regulation is important. In my opinion, that’s something that needs to be collaborated on by institutions and governments of the world. It’s not something that can be done in isolation by one entity.”

Mcontent already raised around 5 million USD from UAE investors including Gargash Group and PWC.

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