UAE Mir Khoory Holding, USA USAKO Group investment company, and USAKO Group VC, to develop a Blockchain real estate platform called “Sahara Street“.

As per Sahara website, Sahara Street, LLC is dedicated to providing a software platform for real estate and other industries, using high tech innovations such as blockchain, AI and the metaverse.

As per its website one of its goals is to expand its user base to 1 million by 2022. Sahara Street will employee high tech innovations such as blockchain, NFT and metaverse to deliver the best experience to its customers.

The CEO od Sahara Street is Han Ko, who is also the President and CEO of USAKA Group.

At present Sahara Land the real estate blockchain arm of Sahara street offers sale and rent of properties in South Korea and other countries and accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment.

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