UAE SheeshaFinance invests in Zignaly launchpad

UAE rooted Sheesha Finance has partnered and invested in Zignaly and its new launchpad project ZigPad. Zignaly is an innovative, multi-functional crypto investing and trading platform. It provides some of the most lucrative and hands-free solutions for traders wanting to invest in the crypto market.

Zignaly offers multi-factored auto trading, copy trading, profit sharing, and trading bots make Zignaly the an all-in-one solution for any level of investor looking for a more passive, yet highly lucrative method of increasing their wealth. With the launch of ZigPad, Zignaly is empowering its users with another form of passive income. Providing its users with early token access to some of the hottest and highest potential crypto projects.

As per Sheesha Finance medium post, ” The Zigpad platform knows what it takes to turn an idea into a profitable product that they know users will love. It also knows how to take that idea to market. We are confident that ZigPad will be a hit and will surely enjoy the same level of success as the other products on its platform.”

Facts about ZigPad

Launchpads have become a key cornerstone in crypto. Providing some of the hottest crypto projects with the resources they need to break into the industry. As the Zignaly ecosystem grew and flourished, the team found itself able to release its launchpad. Providing Zignaly users with the ability to gain exposure to blockchain projects backed by highly talented and determined teams.

Zignaly is backed by top VC partners, as well as Sheesha Finance.

“Launchpads have become crucial in the growth and development of the crypto industry. There are many fantastic and innovative projects in need of funding and resources to bring their visions to market. Launchpads play a pivotal role in the process. We are proud to be partnered with Zignaly and working with them on its exciting new project ZigPad.” — Sheesha Finance CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki

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