UAE Stray Dogs Center has taken helping stray dogs to the next level with the launch of their NFTs portraying stray, mixed-breed dogs. The NFT collection ” Stray Doggos UAE” was minted on Solana Blockchain. The NFT launch will happen on the second week of March 2022.

Founded in 2013, Stray Dogs Center (SDC) in the UAE now houses and caters to 780 dogs. The animal shelter relies entirely on community support where there are over a hundred volunteers that keep the center in operation and made their growth possible.

A member of the SDC team, Shraddha Chaurasia said in a LinkedIn a post that she recently became involved in NFTs which inspired her to design NFTs for Stray Dogs Center.

Chaurasia noted, “I’ve also been buying and flipping NFT’s this past 6 months to get a feel for what the process actually looks like. Waiting to mint, watching floor prices rise and sink, rug pulls, rocketing….I’ve seen it all. Which then led me to consider moving to the other side to release some SDC NFT’s.”

It struck her that most of the dog NFTs she saw were pure-breed dogs, such as Pugs, Shiba Inu, French Bulldogs, and others. Therefore, she decided to represent through her art what the non-profit animal rescue stands for- helpless, mixed-breed stray dogs. The collection will be named “Stray Doggos UAE” consisting of 150 stray dog NFTs.

UAE Stray Dog’s Center’s goal behind the NFT launch is to create a community that supports stray dogs. “The plan pre and post mint is to create a community that’s centered around rescue dogs. “Majority of the mint funds will be going towards our rescues with a little being kept aside for airdrops for our community of holders. We’ll be giving out free airdrops to one random holder every month. While the entire airdrop list isn’t finalized yet, 3 guarantees include-, Meerkats Millionaire, and Greedy giraffe” said Shraddha.

Details about the mint price and release link will be announced soon. Stray Dogs Center UAE is proud to be the first non-profit animal rescue in the MENASA region, and fourth in the world to launch NFTs. “Majority of the mint funds will be going towards our rescues with a little being kept aside for airdrops for our community of holders” said Shraddha.  Shraddha also designed 5 NFTs of rescue dogs with their names on their collars: DaOlef, Dallama, Dachau, Dasoph, and Dacorn.

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