UAE Virtual restaurant Doge Burger accepts crypto payments

A UAE online e-commerce restaurant inspired by Dogecoin has launched is Doge Burger restaurant cloud kitchen and accepts crypto payments. Customers can purchase a burger, pay with digital currency and have it delivered. As per their website, ” Doge Burger is the Rocket Kitchen’s first crypto-based hospitality concept that will enable consumers across the UAE to order and pay for their meal with digital currency.”

Rocket Kitchen has a chain of virtual restaurants. The signature burgers include a beef burger, chicken burger, mushroom Swiss burger, a charcheese and garden burger. There are also hotdogs and sides to choose from.

Customer can place an order and pay using their crypto wallet. Burgers range from Dhs35 to Dhs50, and you can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, CRO, XRP, USDT, Shiba, and of course Dogecoin.

Doge Burger restaurant aims to play a role in shifting the UAE towards increased use of cryptocurrency and accepts all major crypto coins. The founders invested in Dogecoin at the early stage of its release and entirely funded Doge Burger with returns on that investment.

Prior to this Dubai DIFC introduced Meta Terrace a mixed reality crypto lounge. Across the UAE more and more entities are accepting crypto payments, whether they are art companies, UAE Corporate services entities and even car service companies.

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