UAE’s DFSA Unveils Revisions to Crypto Token Regulations for Public Consultation

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has released a Consultation Paper (CP) aiming to gather public input on proposed amendments to their regulatory framework governing financial services activities associated with Crypto Tokens.

These changes, derived from supervisory insights, recent market dynamics, and international recommendations, focus solely on Crypto Tokens, excluding regulations pertaining to Investment Tokens.

Who Is Impacted?

The proposed revisions are relevant to various entities: Authorised Market Institutions (AMI), Alternative Trading System (ATS) operators, custodians, third parties safeguarding Crypto Tokens, authorised firms, potential DFSA license applicants, Crypto Token issuers, technology support providers, and legal/compliance service providers.

Navigating the framework outlined within this CP, the framework’s structure consists of multiple parts: Introduction, Regulatory Requirements on Crypto Tokens, Decentralised Finance, and Other Discussion Points.

The appendices include draft amendments to various rulebook modules, along with a questionnaire regarding this consultation.

Evolving Regulatory Approach

The paper delves into the background, explaining the evolution from the March 2022 CP143 on Crypto Token regulations and subsequent developments in the global regulatory landscape. The DFSA acknowledges their experience with over 100 firms seeking licenses, emphasizing the need for further guidance and flexibility within the regime.

Proposed Changes

Key proposals include adjustments in the recognition process for Crypto Tokens, revisiting the fees structure, and allowing expanded investment scopes for collective investment funds in both recognised and unrecognised Crypto Tokens. These proposals aim to balance regulation with industry flexibility while ensuring client protection and regulatory compliance.

Public Feedback and Next Steps

The DFSA invites feedback on these proposed changes via an online response form, allowing stakeholders to contribute their insights until March 4, 2024.

Post-consultation, the DFSA plans to review the feedback, make necessary modifications, and publish the finalised rulebook modules on their website.

In embracing this consultation, the DFSA underscores its dedication to crafting regulations that resonate with evolving market landscapes, international benchmarks, and invaluable industry input. This commitment fortifies a regulatory framework within the DIFC, ensuring agility and equilibrium, poised to navigate the complexities of the Crypto Token realm.

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