USA Everything Blockchain to open office in KSA

USA Everything Blockchain,, a blockchain development, architecture, service and software designer, and decentralized processing is opening up its offices in Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Originally called GigeTech Inc. and then OBITX, Inc., Everything Blockchain, was established in March 2017. In April 2020, through a change of control action, it discontinued that line of operations in favor of Blockchain development.  It’s first achievement was its participation in HEX, touted as the Internet’s first high yield cryptocurrency certificate of deposit, that is one of the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap (approximately $50B) in the world. 

UNLOCK reached out to Toney Jennings, Chief Operating Officer, Everything Blockchain who confirmed the news. He stated, ” Yes I confirm that we are opening up an office in KSA. I am not at liberty to disclose more than that at this time.”

The company has several subsidiaries under its umbrella including Energy technology, a blockchain integration and tech business, developer of the CDC contact tracing program for Covid-19 on a global scale.

It also has Vengar technologies where Mr. Jennings was CEO before being acquired by the company. Vengar technologies has developed a zero trust data protection solution that is schedule to appear under its first OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license in 2022. It has a projection of 45 million USD in booked revenue over the next three years as per their website.

Saudi Arabia has been ramping up its digitization efforts over the past years. Most recently Saudi Aramco ventures backed blockchain Data Gumbo also opened its offices in KSA.

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