Verofax to Expand AI-Powered Solutions with USD 750K Fundraising Round on Beban Crowdfunding Platform

Verofax, a growth-stage startup that provides AI-powered solutions for enterprise and brand marketing, has been featured on Beban 2, a popular reality TV program that focuses on entrepreneurship and investment.

The show, which airs on several TV channels and video-on-demand platforms, also features an interactive crowdfunding element called Beban Crowdfunding, which is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

This platform allows retail and accredited investors to invest in private equity opportunities, such as Verofax, with investments starting at just $100.

Verofax has already raised $750,000 from leading VC investors, and the new investors who participate through Beban Crowdfunding will have the opportunity to join them.

Verofax serves a diverse clientele around the world, including Fortune 100 brands and sustainable enterprises, and has won awards for its groundbreaking use of AI.

Verofax CEO, Wassim Merheby, said that participating in Beban has given the company a platform to showcase its technology and offer retail investors the chance to invest in its disruptive solutions. The company’s goal is to empower brands to connect with their customers in new and innovative ways, turning products into the brand’s best marketing channel.

Verofax has created an AI-powered product winning service that is both proprietary and patented, which offers increased transparency in supply chain operations, reduced costs, and better customer engagement to enterprises.

With Verofax’s scalable technology, low-cost rapid deployment, and award-winning solutions, businesses can immediately benefit in the following ways:

MarTech Solutions: Verofax’s technology transforms every product into an interactive direct communication channel to consumers, allowing brands to provide personalized recommendations and acquire and retain customers. This is achieved by scanning unique identities on primary packaging, and it can convert up to 60% of consumers that make purchase decisions in multi-branded stores. It also lowers acquisition costs by 20 times compared to online marketing channels.
Web3 Rewards: Verofax helps brands build lasting relationships with consumers and increase Customer Lifetime Values (CLTV) by adopting Web3 rewards such as brand NFTs that are cheaper than traditional loyalty programs.
Retail and eCommerce Virtualization: Verofax’s technology delivers immersive and personalized shopping experiences using Augmented Reality in-store and 3D shopping experiences in e-commerce marketplaces, which enhances the shopping experience for 83% of consumers that expect an upgraded experience compared to the current “flick & click” method.
Supply Chain Transparency: Verofax’s technology provides end-to-end inventory traceability, which helps brands optimize availability and prevent price dilution. By addressing counterfeiting and product diversion, which can account for up to 30% of some industries, Verofax also safeguards brands’ reputations and public health.
Sustainable Passporting: Verofax’s technology helps brands become sustainable by measuring and certifying their products across complex multi-tiered supply chains and engaging directly with consumers for loyalty and advocacy.

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