Warba Bank enters the world of Metaverse

Warba Bank announced occupying sites in both the virtual world Decentraland and Sandbox, to become the first Islamic bank in the world and the first bank in Kuwait and the region to be present in these sites, to strengthen  communication channels and dealing with the clients of the Alpha & Z generations.

Warba Bank Executive Vice President for Support Services and Treasury Anwar Bader Al-Ghaith said: “Warba Bank’s interest in entering this virtual reality comes within the framework of digital trends to transform into a (Web3)”.

“The world of virtual reality is used in several advanced fields, including services, education, health and others. And Warba Bank aims to be close to its clients in virtual reality to introduce its products and services, as well as communicating with them in an innovative way that reflects Warba Bank’s image as a pioneer in digital transformation” added Al-Ghaith.

He stated that Warba Bank is keen to be a pioneer in entering this virtual reality to support young clients from the Bloom category, in addition to the rest of clients by communicating with them and providing all their banking needs, in addition to providing all the new services and products launched by the bank.

 “Virtual reality enhanced with audiovisual technology facilitates moving between regions and participating in virtual activities as well as acquiring many of the needs and requirements that are provided in three dimensions within this virtual reality”.

Warba Bank is working to move forward vigorously to achieve its ambitious goals, enhance benefiting of digital services, and focus on absorbing the latest modern technologies in the world of the Internet, and artificial intelligence that allows dealing with applications at anytime and anywhere to provide top quality services and products within secured framework.

These efforts confirm the leadership of Warba Bank as the Bank of the future by providing the best technological and digital solutions, including the recent launch of a digital wallet that enhances financial inclusion in Kuwait, in addition to providing the service of purchasing and selling gold bars for its clients.

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