Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi Unleashes the Potential for Future Tech Development

The 2nd edition of Web3 Delight took place in Abu Dhabi on the 15th of November, during the Formula 1 and FinTech week, and has attracted over 3,000+ in-person and online participants from over 40 countries worldwide.

Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi was designed around Web3 value chain, in other words, the critical question addressed was, ‘What does it take to generate value at each stage of the Web3 value chain?!’  

This fusion of the Web3 world brought together Crypto, the Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, DAOs, and more to create an immersive experience like no other.

Conversations at the Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi, which have been attended by UNLOCK Blockchain, focused on the adoption of blockchain technology, future marketing in Web3 space, NFTs, governance policies, career opportunities in the Metaverse, fundraising, and building in a bear market environment. In addition, the audience had a driver-seat experience and personal insights into the Web3 movement from the practitioners and builders who took the stage at the event.

At times when recent scandals shook the trust in crypto and blockchain, the Web3 Delight represents an attempt to go back to the roots of Web3 as an idea. Building trustless, decentralized solutions were outlined as a priority for the future of blockchain implementation. In addition, the speakers defined the need for a new strategy to navigate the challenges of complex macro indicators effectively.

The key element to the future endeavors in Web3 is bridging the gap between different industries and blockchain startups to provide disruptive new models for growth. 

Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi was hosted by Emilija Vukovic, President of the Serbian blockchain association, Tesha Teshanovich, Advisor at SwiftMotion, Riyaz Jivanjee, Strategic Advisor at SwiftMotion, and Katerina Vukova from Luna Media Corporation.

The line of speakers included Steve Fock, an expert on Web3 in the music industry; Philip Kishkovarov, CTO of Synthetic Equity; Petar Atanasovski, COO of MVP Workshop; Leigh Flounders, CCO of NowNow; Xavi Anglada, managing director at Accenture; Yaqoob Al Shehhi, CFO of Nawah Energy Company; Professor Puay Guan Goh from the National University of Singapore; Yasser N Alobaidan, Chairman of Jawraa; Saad Sameer Abujubara, Partner at Impact Partners; Chris Page, Chief Investment Officer at Synethic Equity; Stefan Lazarevich, CEO of Infinity; Connie Ansaldi, CEO of Carnival.Art and many others.

Astro Armadillo, the totem of the vision to create a genuinely sustainable Web3 education and the official mascot of the Web3 Delight, was in person at the event and a host for video game demos by Voodoo Labs Studio and other project announcements.

The next Web3 Delight conference will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2023, accenting the development of technology sovereignty in Web3 by fostering a technology culture and supporting scientific and technical knowledge throughout the educational system.

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