WEMADE Partners with DIFC Innovation Hub for WEMIX PLAY Center, a Global Web3 Gaming Hub

WEMADE (KOSDAQ: 112040), a prominent global gaming company based in South Korea, has joined forces with the DIFC Innovation Hub, the leading center for technology and innovation in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region.

Together, they have announced a strategic partnership aimed at creating a global Web3 gaming hub known as the ‘WEMIX PLAY Center.

The initiative is set to elevate Dubai’s gaming ecosystem and contribute to the ambitious ‘Dubai Program for Gaming 2033,’ positioning the city among the top 10 global gaming industry hubs.

As the first South Korean gaming company to collaborate with the DIFC Innovation Hub, WEMADE will leverage the hub’s accelerator schemes, innovation community, and supportive regulatory frameworks. The partnership will focus on expanding the WEMIX ecosystem, with plans to establish the ‘WEMIX PLAY Center’ within the DIFC Innovation Hub, serving as a hub for onboarding Web3 game companies.

A crucial aspect of this collaboration involves the creation of a USD 100 million investment fund, with WEMADE taking the lead in anchoring the fund.

This fund aims to provide a go-to-market pipeline for Web3 game developers, offering targeted access to millions of active players on the WEMIX PLAY platform, WEMADE’s native platform for Web3 games. Currently featuring over 65 games from third-party developers alongside WEMADE’s main intellectual properties (IPs), the platform serves as a vibrant ecosystem for gaming enthusiasts.

Highlighting the significance of this move, Henry Chang, CEO of WEMADE, emphasized the UAE’s position as a dynamic hub for innovation. He stated, “WEMADE’s collaboration with DIFC Innovation Hub underscores our dedication to fostering Dubai’s evolution into a central hub for global Web3 gaming, providing an enhanced environment for global game developers and studios.”

Mohammad AlBlooshi, CEO of DIFC Innovation Hub, expressed excitement about welcoming WEMADE to the thriving ecosystem, stating, “Dubai has a dynamic gaming sector, and this collaboration further strengthens our position as a global hub for innovation. Establishing a strong gaming industry will further advance the city’s digital ecosystem, contribute to economic diversification efforts, and boost employment in the sector over the next decade in line with the goals of Dubai Program for Gaming 2033.”

The partnership is poised to culminate in a Web3 event scheduled to take place in Dubai in the first quarter of 2024, providing a platform for further collaboration and showcasing the innovative strides being made in the global gaming industry.

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