What Is in Store at 3iQ for the Rest of 2022?

Plans for Expanding into New Markets Are Taking Shape

Given how fast cryptocurrency and Blockchain adoption is spreading across the world, it only makes sense that we too need to expand quickly and continue to play a leading role as a product innovators in the crypto investing space.

Our team is constantly evaluating various markets and we are continuing to be mindful of ways we can provide properly regulated products to investors in different time zones. Cryptocurrencies trade 24 hours a day. Similarly, we want our products to be accessible to investors all over the world and around the clock.

Our NASDAQ Listing in the Middle East Puts 3IQ in a Position to Continue to Grow

Graduating from the NASDAQ is a milestone moment for any publicly-traded company. For us, it means we can continue to grow our listing on NASDAQ Dubai. We’ve always believed that the Middle East is right for opportunities and we’re always looking to explore the possibilities.

Look at the Metaverse

Outside of the physical world, 3iQ is manifesting its belief in the inherent value and future of Web 3 protocols and the Metaverse with our first Metaverse HQ launch!  We’ll be sharing a grand reveal of our first virtual real estate in May.  It will be a beautiful platform to extend the 3iQ brand and vision, host events and webinars, and continue to educate the public about the digital asset space and our products.

The Overall Goal Remains the Same

Since our inception, the goal at 3iQ has always been to offer investors convenient and familiar investing products that allow them to gain exposure to digital assets.

Many investors are now both aware and comfortable with the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets using regulated products. The key to continuing the pursuit of our mission is to provide our target audience with thoughtful leadership and educational content that positions us as a leader in digital asset investments and reassures both financial advisors and investors that 3iQ offers some of the most convenient, thoughtful, and innovative investment products in the space.  This year, we’ll be sharing more insights and research that will continue to underline 3iQ’s dedicated focus on the digital asset space.

Staying connected to the Middle East is always going to be a key part of doing just that. We’re grateful for our presence here, and certainly don’t take it for granted.

It’s been an exciting last couple of years for 3iQ, and the remaining three quarters of 2022 will build on that excitement as we continue to push our mission forward of serving investors interested in digital assets as best as possible.

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