World Economic Forum Selects Omar Sultan Al Olama for Steering Committee in AI Governance Alliance

The World Economic Forum has revealed the appointment of His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, who serves as the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, as well as the Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office.

He has been chosen to join the steering committee of the AI Governance Alliance, which comprises ten prominent global figures in the digital and technological realms.

The AI Governance Alliance stands as a distinct initiative dedicated to promoting responsible generative artificial intelligence (AI). Its primary objective revolves around tackling the pressing challenges that humanity faces as it approaches a potentially transformative socio-economic phase. This is achieved by bringing together influential voices from various regions and multiple stakeholders on a global scale.

The alliance’s mission is to harness the advantages of generative AI systems and technologies, all while ensuring that their global impacts are fair and sustainable.

His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama has expressed that his inclusion in the steering committee of the AI Governance Alliance underscores the pioneering position of the UAE government. This position is guided by visionary leadership, enabling the UAE to take on a transformative role and actively engage in guiding the global community towards the future. The UAE’s efforts align with its forward-looking vision to advance digital fields and cultivate an advanced digital economy.

Furthermore, His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama has emphasized that participation in the AI Governance Alliance offers a distinctive opportunity to share the UAE’s valuable experiences on a global stage. Beyond being a platform to address challenges in generative artificial intelligence, it also serves as a medium to showcase the UAE’s successful practices in this domain.

The alliance functions as a central hub for nurturing international partnerships that amplify the impact of this technology in shaping the trajectory of artificial intelligence.

It is worth noting that the committee comprises notable figures such as Paula Ingabire, the Minister of Information, Communications Technology, and Innovation of Rwanda; Brad Smith, Vice-Chair and President of Microsoft; Kent Walker, President of Global Affairs at Google and Alphabet; Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs at Meta; Gary Cohn, Vice Chairman of IBM; Durga Malladi, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Technology Planning and Edge Solutions at Qualcomm; Dr. Xue Lan, Dean and Professor at Tsinghua University; Lynne Parker, Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of the AI Tennessee Initiative at the University of Tennessee; and Andrew Ng, Founder and CEO of Landing AI.

By leveraging the World Economic Forum’s extensive expertise accumulated over 50 years in multistakeholder collaborations, the AI Governance Alliance merges insights from the private sector, governance from the public sector, and goals from civil society.

The alliance’s primary focus is to tackle the transformative implications of generative AI systems. With the backing of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the alliance actively engages with various regions, contributing to the establishment of a global framework to address the transformative nature of generative AI systems.

Notably, in 2017, His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama was selected by the World Economic Forum to join the Future of Digital Economy and Society group. Additionally, in 2022, he was also chosen as a member of the Global Young Leaders Community.

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