Your Vote Counts! Participate in Recognizing MENA’s Top performing CEOs

As the voting period for Unlock Blockchain’s Top 20 Performing CEOs in MENA’s Blockchain and Crypto Space continues, your participation is crucial in shaping the future of the industry. With over 1300 votes already cast; your voice matters more than ever. ( see live results)

Why Your Vote Matters

Each vote signifies recognition of the exceptional contributions made by visionary leaders in driving innovation and transformation within the MENA region’s blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. Your participation ensures transparency and authenticity in honoring deserving CEOs.

Make Your Vote Count

Remember, your vote is distributed across three candidates. Allocate your 10 credits wisely by giving 5 points to your top choice, 3 points to your second choice, and 2 points to your third choice. By distributing your credits effectively, you maximize the impact of your vote and ensure that deserving leaders receive the recognition they deserve.

Shape the Future of Blockchain

By actively participating in the voting process, you become part of a democratic initiative that celebrates excellence and fosters innovation. Together, we can inspire others to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the MENA blockchain landscape.

Time is Running Out

With two weeks left in the voting period, now is the time to have your say. Don’t miss this opportunity to influence the narrative of success and excellence in the blockchain and crypto space.

How to Vote

Simply sign in and allocate your 10 credits to three candidates, prioritizing your top choice with 5 points, followed by 3 points for your second choice and 2 points for your third choice.

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence

Let’s come together to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of MENA’s top-performing CEOs. Your vote can make a difference in shaping a brighter, more decentralized future for all.

Cast your vote now and be part of this transformative journey!

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